Elder Care Services


At Sikka & Associates, we can provide the help to Seniors they need. Whether they are no longer independent or simply need a little extra help to enjoy their lives, you will be in good hands of our caring, honest and knowledgeable consultants. We provide assistance with daily finances and business duties and you are kept informed of every step we make. That way, you always know that your family member’s needs are being met.

As a Certified Senior Advisor, KJ Sikka understands the financial issues that seniors face. You can be rest assured knowing you have someone who has the right credential on your team looking out for your parents or grandparents’s best interest.

Elder Care Services


You might be able to take care of their daily financial tasks – if you have the time and live close. But if you don’t, you may want to consider hiring our consultant to help in any of the following areas…

  • Reviewing and paying household bills, budgeting, and record keeping
  • Assistance with check writing and checkbook balancing
  • Making sure money is received, receipted, and deposited
  • Planning retirement account distributions and safeguarding against improper disbursements.
  • Organizing and reviewing personal financial documents to
    determine what needs to be addressed.
  • Preparing an inventory of personal assets and investments
  • Identifying and planning retirement income, needs, and goals
  • Determining current and long-term cash flow needs by
    analyzing income and expenses
  • Addressing questions about Social Security, Pensions and
  • Preparing, planning and filing income, trust, gift and estate tax

Planning for the future is important, and Senior Services are crucial to help your elderly family members maintain their independence and financial freedom. Trust Sikka & Associates to provide the help you need.

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